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Private Resort

A Talk with Lisa London

by Caps 2.0
September 2011

As one who is a devout fan of retro cinema, I enjoy going off the beaten path every so often [. . .] Taking a look at my combined collection of DVDs and VHS tapes will show an interesting mixture of titles. When it comes to the mixture, certain names tend to pop up often, and you become fascinated by them. Maybe it's their timing or maybe it's their looks, but you just want to know more about them. As such, that's the case with my newest interview subject. Her name is Lisa London. [Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from a longer interview with Lisa London.]

Caps: You played Alice in Private Resort. It was one of Johnny Depp's first major roles. What was your opinion of Depp when working with him?

Lisa: He was great. We had a kissing scene and I remember we both were chewing huge wads of gum and got stuck. His talent and special qualities were apparent, and music is major in his life like me . . .

Did you have as much fun off-screen as you did on, or was it was more subdued off-screen?

Even more off on that Private Resort set, shot in Florida Keys . . . and Andy Dice Clay had us all in stitches. Rob Morrow and Hector Elizondo were great for a laugh, too . . .

-- donated by Joni

-- photo added by Zone editors